message from our president

Exactly fourteen years ago, with the experience and consciousness of yesterday, Ahes İnşaat Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. We set out as When we set out, we wanted to set an example not only for the era we live in but also for the next generations with all our projects, and to do permanent works that will reveal our vision. We worked non-stop. We have tried to take steps to carry ourselves forward and to do things that will make our country bigger. Because we learned this from our ancestors, our fathers, our conscience. As we move forward, we never forget our past.

Today, every project we realize, every life we renew means a great pride and happiness for us on the way we always add something new to it. As AHES, we will continue to walk with this thought in everything we will do for the future and to guide our future with confident and strong steps.